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Sweet Close Up Pussy Shots During Real Porn Auditions

Sweet Close Up Pussy Shots During Real Porn AuditionsNet Video Girls posted a want ad for sexy models willing to strip down to a bikini and show off their hard nipples and cameltoe pussy. The interview takes a turn towards an XXX rating when the models are asked if they would be willing to shoot a hardcore sex scene then and there on the spot. Watch these Real Porn Auditions as the models take it all off, allowing our cameras to videotape every inch of their hot bodies. The close up shots of their new to porn pussies are top notch and worthy of a download!

Thea Cook Pussy Art

Thea Cook Pussy Art

Thea Cook has a beautiful twat. If pussy pics are a work of art, this one should be hanging in some European museum. Imagine your lucky day if you pulled down a chicks panties and saw this perfection staring back at you. Shaved naked smooth as silk, Thea has a vagina that begs to be fucked. Her outer labia keep her inner labia tucked close while protecting her clit from the outside world. Earlier we said imagine your lucky day, well itís today because this image captures her perfect twat in all its glory and you get to use it in any way you want!

Natali Blond

Natali Blond

Natali Blond has a twat that canít get out of its own way. Her lips bully their way through her peek a boo panties demanding to be noticed and seen. Her clit hood stands at attention as well while her inner labia jut out asking to be licked and pulled. The funny thing is that for as wet, puffy and swollen as Nataliís pussy lips looks she says she has a super tight hole. Even average sized cocks cause her some discomfort that feels so good when they fuck her. Natali sayís it drives guys wild to feel their cocks work their way into such a tight little twat.
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